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  • Steven Fletcher

The Small Things

Some of the tinier nuances in real estate that you can only pick up by doing more deals and taking more reps:

-Best methods for sourcing opportunities (the big one)

-What roads/corridors/pockets to avoid (even if they’re in the right zip code)

-How to approach Historic & Neighborhood Associations

-How to maximize the inspection period

-How to find un-permitted work

-Handling encroachments

-How the permit office wants your applications to look (and read)

-How to (properly) execute utility transfers (we learned the hard way early on and our gas was cut off)

-Best practices for shopping insurance

-Handling vagrants around a property (so they don’t come back)

-Price per sq.ft metrics/general pricing for each portion of the renovation

-How to dig out more value during the renovation process (additional bedrooms, new lay-outs, large windows, outdoor spaces)

-The best materials to use

-How to address knob and tube wiring, cast iron plumbing, termites, and other unknowns

-Who to call if the property doesn’t have a public sewer tap

-Best ways to market to and source great tenants (use great leasing agents)

-Process of vetting service providers and who to avoid

-Which people to use for repairs vs. renovations

-What preventative maintenance is needed and how often

-How to expedite unit turnovers

-Best reporting methods

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