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  • Steven Fletcher

Seeing the Scope

Great excerpt from this morning’s Bright Build newsletter by Sean Sweeney:

“And often, what the seller needs is for you to understand what the property means to them in the context of the wider neighborhood. Remember that I specialize in urban infill. I want to find parcels of land that are just big enough to carve out space for design-forward apartment homes for new tenants. And, I’m not knocking down shopping malls to do that. I’m developing a gas station and a corner store. Three neighboring houses. Maybe a vacant lot overgrown with weeds.

Which is to say that those sites likely mean something to someone else quite separate from my developer dreams.”

The importance of seeing the full scope of whatever project you may be targeting.

Each asset has a story and uncovering it can be a major catalyst for getting the deal done and better serving the surrounding community.

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