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  • Steven Fletcher

Nailing the Details

From acquisition to lease-up, there are countless small details and processes that need to be nailed to hit targeted timelines and returns.

A good way to account for this reality is to create a process around them.

Integrating "to do's" into a checklist format ensures that everybody understands the importance of each step.

A closing might be more important than logging the $3 Lowe's receipt, sure.

But if we treat each process with the same level of attentiveness, we're better positioned to produce a quality product and eliminate gray areas (the slow killer).

Over time, this approach can become part of your identity.

Everybody from city inspectors to brokers will hopefully know how you operate and understand that you've likely done your homework on whatever the subject is at that time.

Gathering every input and doing things the right way are both well within our control- so we do our best to create good processes around them.

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