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  • Steven Fletcher

How We Operate

Acting out of good intent is easier for some than others but, it can create life changing opportunities and friendships if done properly.

What does this look like and how do you go about it?

For us, this is an individual who treats people well, makes the right choices, and tries to assist even if they don’t stand to benefit.

We all know people who like to keep their cards close to the chest. Tough to deal with, won’t give you the time of day unless they stand to make some money, and always looking to extract value from somebody.

This mindset can work for some- but I think it's short-sighted and detrimental.


You'll eventually push people away.

If you adopt the mindset of “how can I help?” without strings attached, you’re creating an arena where people will seek you out knowing that you’re able to provide expertise, connect a dot, make an intro, whatever.

Providing personal opinions on a development thesis, making an introduction to a great lawyer, helping on that insurance issue, or even talking through employment with a new graduate- these acts likely won’t benefit me directly, but they can put somebody on the right path and alleviate pain points during an especially stressful period.


These small gestures (over time), even if unreciprocated, will substantiate pieces of your reputation.

People don’t forget who helped them during their most troublesome times and if you’re equipped to do so, I believe you should.

Every interaction is an opportunity for each party to learn more about the other and how they operate.

At the very least- you’re building trust with others in your field, refining your own skillset along the way, and opening yourself to future conversations.

Through helping others, you’re utilizing the knowledge that somebody else likely instilled into you and leveraging that to push another individual upward.

In the end, you very well might end up with many more great relationships and perhaps future partners.

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