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  • Steven Fletcher

Collecting Inputs

Staying in the know can be a differentiating factor and allow you to play at a higher level.

Whether it's the restructuring of a neighborhood historical society, changes to a permitting process, or a new trend- these are all valuable pieces of information that need to be collected and analyzed.

One of the best ways to stay up to date with current events is to talk to the people who are navigating them every day.

Your insurance broker who writes countless policies a month likely has some great insights on what's changing in the insurance landscape.

Your lawyer who spends a lot of time engaging with city officials, is the person to sniff out upcoming legislative changes.

Your real estate brokers have a litany of views and opinions that probably aren't asked for enough.

Your lender has great insights on investment demand and general capital markets.

Everybody has an opinion but few people leverage other insights to ultimately inform their own.

We can't be the expert in every field but we seek out those who are in their respective niche and stay in their back pocket.

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