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Meet The Team

Founder & Managing Partner

Steven R. Fletcher

Steve is the Founder & Managing Partner at Broken Arrow Holding, overseeing every project from purchase to lease-up.

Prior to starting Broken Arrow Holding, Steve managed acquisitions and fundraising at a real estate private equity firm based in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Throughout his tenure, he led the development of over 10 multifamily projects and the launch of two growth funds focused on adaptive reuse projects across historic cities in Louisiana.

Steve is a graduate of Princeton University and a member of The Lower Garden District Association of New Orleans.

Operating in the sub-institutional multifamily space provides Broken Arrow Holding with several strategic advantages:


Limited Competition:

Smaller buyer pool and high barriers to entry with geographic constraints, arduous permitting landscapes, and historic districts.


Higher Yield Potential:

Through concentrating on secondary and tertiary markets.


Operational Enhancement:

Lack of professional management or marketing practices.



Deferred maintenance, need for capital expenditures and cosmetic upgrades.


Sub-Market Specialization:

Granular knowledge of the needs, nuances, and evolutions of the markets in which we operate, producing a strong deal pipeline.

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